Why invest in UK property?

Real estate is a very good long term investment compared to stocks, gold or savings. The UK has great demand for rental properties, so investing in property for the monthly rental cashflow is a sound and stable investment, especially when leveraged with a mortgage.
The UK population grows and shortage of both owner-occupied and rented housing increases. This in turn increases house prices and rental prices.  Over the years, the added benefit of property investing may be capital appreciation (the market value of the house increases).

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What is your investment goal and your strategy?

Depending on your risk profile, the investment term and the project scenario, we can offer several strategies:
- Guaranteed fixed returns from 6% per annum; or
- Variable returns with a profit split ranging from 0 to 20+% per annum; or
- Certificates of a SPV company for high-reward development projects; or
- Contact us your about your bespoke investment preferences.

Investing with us is possible from £20,000 of invested funds.

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